Bed & breakfast normally referred to as B&B offers small accommodation for overnight .Normally, these homes consists of four to eleven rooms(six being average). These rooms have an attached bathroom or in some cases the bathroom is shared. Breakfast is served depending on the choice of the guests, whether they want it in bedroom, dining room or kitchen. B&Bs can either be an additional source of income or full time business occupation. Often times, the owner himself is seen to carry out all the jobs like cleaning the rooms and serving breakfast. However, some bed and breakfast owners do hire staff to carry out these tasks more effectively.

Many of the Bed and breakfast owners are also the members of professional associations. They provide service to the members as well as the public which is traveling and needs to rent a B&B guest house overnight. Being a member of these associations has its own advantages. These associations often times assist in marketing an individual B&B that it has a good reputation and worth staying overnight. In the United States, every state has its own association which promotes the tourism and B&B industry. However, all these inns have a strict cleanses and safety criteria which is checked by the associations.
In January 2003, tourism Queensland carried out a research to understand about the B&B market value. What it revealed was that what most people highly demand are outstanding services with a very appealing location and house. Moreover, often times what tourists loved was the atmosphere in which it felt like home. The extent to which the host is hospitable and friendly also plays a great role when traveler safe choosing the inn to stay overnight.

According to another study carried out by Michigan State University, it reveals that B&B hotels are a very high income and has a high market demand. In the study which was carried out, customers were found highly satisfied with their B&B experience. More than 80% of the people referred to their B&B experience as excellent, while 17% called it just good. People highly depend on reviews given by past customers when choosing which B&B to stay in. They don’t ask for reduction in money if the reviews of the particular B&B are satisfying. Most of the studies concluded that the high demand by travelers for B&Bs is due to the hospitality, the atmosphere, and the services offered by the inn and associations.